Technical Support

AIM's Technical Support

In the HealthCare industry, no software user should have to hesitate before asking for support. The potential losses from user error are too great and the user should not have to worry about the issue. Software or hardware there is no such thing as a silly question and assistance should be one phone call away. As you depend on your software to run your operations you rely on those systems to perform as expected. You need instant access to a support staff to isolate the problem between the hardware and the software. Whatever the support process may be, when a problem occurs, user anxiety quickly builds up and a rapid access to a support person is important, regardless of the problem. Your commitment to success can be determined by making sure support services are just a phone call away.

AIM’s Support Options:


Preferred Service & Support Agreement

AIM’s Preferred Service & Support Agreement is offered to practices which have been trained by an AIM representative. Contract support customers are those who understand the difference between up-time productivity and downtime losses and frustration. Preferred Service & Support prices are based on individual needs and requirements. Call AIM for more information about our award winning dedicated support services. We are here to help and only a phone call away.

Per Call – Per Incident Service & Support

Fee is a per call/incident and includes up to 30 minutes of expert support by phone and/or internet link which allows AIM to view the problem you are facing. Fees are based on 30 minute increments. To receive support on a per incident basis, please complete the Credit Card Authorization form and fax back to AIM Services at 866-829-5818. Upon receipt of the completed Credit Card Authorization form a technical support representative will contact you. Please include your contact information on the form.

File Repair Support

In the event your Medisoft data becomes corrupted AIM’s technical staff can usually repair the corrupted database within 24 hours. It is important that the technician have a means of accessing the database via pcAnywhere or Internet connection. If you do not have such connectivity, you will be required to send a copy of the medidata folder and a backup. Fees are based on a 2 hour minimum and billed in 30 minute increments thereafter.

Options to contacting AIM Services for technical support:

Option 1 -- Remote Assistance - Go to and click on Remote Assistance - Complete the information to submit your Remote Assistance Request. One of our technical support staff will assist you. Using Remote Assitance, the support tech is able to view your screen, chat with you and solve your problems.

Option 2 -- Email - You can email our Technical Support personnel ( Please include the practice/company name, your name and contact phone number, details on the issue, and the appropriate individual will contact you.

Option 3 -- Call AIM - Choose ext 2 for Medisoft support, ext 3 for IMS support or ext 4 for IT and network support

Option 4 -- Send a fax - Fax 830-476-2487 with the practice/company name, your name and contact phone number, details on the issue and the appropriate individual will contact you.


All after hours support is billable with the exception of hosted clients connection issues. When calling AIM after hours press "5" for emergency after hours support.  The appropriate individual will be assigned to you after we discuss your issue. Emergency after hours support does not include general application questions, such as "claim denial", etc.  The emergency after hours support is intended for Critical Matters.


Support hours are Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm CST (except holidays).

For non-contract per call clients, please download the Support Request form and submit via fax or email. Upon receipt an AIM support tech will contact you. Support Request