BlueLeaks' Data Dump Exposes 269GB of Files From Hundreds of Police Departments

Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), a hacktivist group described as an alternative to WikiLeaks, has posted BlueLeaks, "ten years of data from over 200 police departments, fusion centers and other law enforcement training and support resources. Among the hundreds of thousands of documents are police and FBI reports, bulletins, guides and more."

The files are available, KrebsOnSecurity reports, in a searchable database. The National Fusion Center Association (NFCA) has confirmed the data's validity, saying the leaked files were compiled between August 1996 and June 19, 2020, which covers more than the decade DDoSecrets claimed in their tweeted communiqué. The breach appears to originate with a third party: NCFA believes the data were probably taken from Netsential (a contractor widely used by state fusion centers) by someone who gained entrance to the system using compromised user credentials.

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