IT Management and Networking

AIM offers the full spectrum of remote managed services for IT infrastructures

In today's age, we have become dependent on computers. The most valuable asset your business or practice has is the information you store and process on your computers. Business sense demands you be diligent in ensuring this infrastructure is well maintained and operational. AIM Services is an experienced and well established agent for helping you achieve these goals.

Backup Disaster And Recovery

Everyone is subject to the potential of catastrophic events including system failure, fires, storms and the ever-growing threat of breaches, malware and ransomware. Previous backup technologies no longer work to fully protect you from data loss and downtime.

AIM uses state-of-the-art technology to backup full images of your servers that can be spun up virtually within minutes in the event of server failure. Replicated offsite images have the same capability in the event of catastrophic disaster.

If you cannot afford to be down for hours, days or weeks, you cannot afford to rely on outdated technology. AIM can provide you with a solution that ensures reliable continuity of operations.


With our knowledge and experience, our trained technicians are your best choice for ensuring a secure and reliable network. Fully managed routers, firewalls and switches are all part of AIM's network managed service package. Our solutions are versatile allowing your business to upgrade as you grow. In addition, it's hassle free. Our network monitoring and maintenance will allow us to see and prevent network problems before they turn into downtime and will enable us to access and repair most network problems right from our offices. No more waiting around for a technician to show up.

Regulatory Compliance

Securing your IT network is a PCI and HIPAA requirement to ensure the protection of credit card information and patient ePHI. Any compromise can legally obligate you to publicly report same and expose you to exorbitant fines which can often lead to bankruptcy. AIM can help you implement network security measures that meet compliance requirements and strengthen your position in the event of compliance audits.