Practice Management

CGM Medisoft Practice Management, remains the most popular and most used medical billing program on the market to date. Medisoft is the best choice for an affordable solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice. Medisoft has been around for well over 25 years proving stability, longevity and it's value to thousands of medical practices.

With each new release Medisoft simply gets better and more powerful than ever. The program is easy to use, includes robust scheduling, insurance and patient billing, payment posting and easy to follow-up on over due accounts along with great reporting capabilities all in one package. 

Medisoft Advanced is ideal for the small practice with a single user or small billing service. Advanced allows the user to efficiently manage sending claims, patient statements, posting payment, A/R follow up all in one easy to use program.

Medisoft Network Professional is perfect for the practice or billing service with multiple users requiring simultaneous access to the scheduling and accounting modules. NetPro includes all the great features found in Advanced and then more.

Features included in Advanced and Network Professional are:
A/R Tracker allows staff to drill down into the accounts receivable and work outstanding balances
Track insurance allowed amounts
UB04 Paper or Print Image
Remittance tracking for secondary claims
Customized aging
Visual alerts
Collection list
Missed copay tracking and reminder statements
Global days for surgical billing
Small balance write-off ability
Robust reports with customization ability
Built in security rules based password management

A/R Tracker Features:
Flag problem areas with new color coding functions in A/R Tracker. 
Assign task to staff for follow up.
Eliminate rejections based on timely filing denials. The A/R tracker keeps on track calculating how long you have to file your claim while working insurance receivables. Billers can quickly see the number of days until filing deadline expires and which claims have been billed and which claims are overdue. This feature is customizable per payer filing requirement.


What's new?

Medisoft v28 - update:
End of Support for CGM MEDISOFT Releases of Version 26 or Below/Older
CGM Medisoft has announced, starting December 9, 2023 they will no longer support nor provide updates or critical fixes for Medisoft versions 26 or below.
If you are currently using Medisoft 26 or below/older, consider upgrading to version 28 during their Special Sales Event, October 9 to 13, as you will receive the deepest discount for order placed and paid for at that time.
A recent statement released by CGM Medisoft states: Continuing to use systems that are no longer supported violates HIPAA Security Rule 45 C.F.R. 164.308. If you are using software that Microsoft or CGM/eMDs no longer supports or is end-of-life, you will not meet the requirements for HIPAA compliance. Staying up-to-date is critical to ensuring that your practice complies with government and industry regulations and standards.
CGM Medisoft version 28 will provide access to many new or improved features which have accumulated since you installed your current software. These features and services are primarily part of the CGM Medical Software company. If used, these features could positively impact your revenue and productivity.
CGM Medisoft services include the CGM eMEDIX clearinghouse and online patient statement services.
CGM eMEDIX clearinghouse allows users to manage rejected claims easier as users can add a resubmission code for the specific claims in question through the Claim Management screen. The claim-specific resubmission code reduces the chance of being rejected for duplicate claims and could help process even faster. The old method of applying the code to an entire case is still available, so providers can go with the workflow that works best for them.
CGM eMEDIX clearinghouse with it's fully integrated patient statement program eliminates the need of a third-party websites to view statements! Designed to be familiar and easy to use, providers can preview statements before transmission and review them from within CGM MEDISOFT to answer any patient questions.
Practices can adopt the eMEDIX online payment portal and a QR code will appear on patient statements to direct them to the portal. Combine your integrated patient statements with our industry-leading eMEDIX clearinghouse and consolidate your operations under one trusted PMS program, CGM Medisoft.
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