Mac OS Will Get Some Big Changes Soon

Big changes are in the works for Apple's venerable MacOS, as the company prepares for a future where the desktop OS shares increasing amounts in common with both iOS and iPadOS. A recent preview of the latest desktop OS reveals an interface that has been completely overhauled, along with redesigned app icons and a number of long overdue changes and improvements to the desktop Messages app.

The latest update, dubbed Big Sur, is the first version of MacOS to support the company's new Arm-based silicon processors. It is being described by Apple's management team as the biggest update and overhaul in more than a decade.

Among other things, we'll see the introduction of a floating dock, icons that share a uniform shape, and a revamped Control Center that can be accessed from the desktop itself. It can be accessed in a manner similar to the way it is accessed from inside iOS.


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