Anti Virus Scams

Antivirus Software scams claim that the recipient's antivirus software is out of date, and provides convenient links allowing them to renew. The problem is, their software isn't out of date at all.

It's easy to understand why the scam works, but that makes it no less despicable.

If you know anyone who isn't especially computer savvy and you feel they might fall victim to a scam like this, here is what to do. Gently remind them that whatever antivirus software they're using, the software itself will remind them when it's about to expire. There is no email needed, and before they spend any money, it's better to do some checking to verify that their expiration date is approaching. Call us here at AIM Services 800.275.1353 and let us help.

We may not be able to keep these scammers from ripping people off, but we can certainly put a dent in their profits, and that's a very good thing.